sniffer for logging, capturing, and tracing response time of network services

Plecno srl - May 28, 2009
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Publisher's description

justniffer is a tcp packet sniffer. It captures reassembles and reorders TCP packets, performs IP packet defragmentation and displays the tcp flow and trace timings. It is useful for logging network traffic in a 'standard' (web server like) or in a customized way. It can log http response time, useful for tracking network services performances (e.g. web server, application server, etc.) . Main differences from other sniffers: - it captures tcp/ip traffic and handle all tcp/ip stuff (reordering, retrasmissions, defragmentation). The tcp stream adjustment is very reliabe since is performed using linux kernel code included in a slightly modified version of the nids library. - it reports timing informations. So it can be useful for tracking network system performances: for example http response time, connection time, etc. - it can generate logs in a highly customizable way. For example it can mimic the apache access_log You can extend traffic analisys with scripts that are executed to each captured request/response sequence. justniffer-grab-http-traffic is a provided example that captures network traffic, identifies http contents (images, text, html pages, javascript, flash, video, etc) and saves them into files

Minimum requirements

• Pentium III

Additional info

Operating system: Linux

Uninstaller: not included

Release date: 2009-27-05

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